Friday, October 13, 2006

Snacks Switch for More Nap & Play Time

Today Eric's feedings inched up again. First he went to 21 cc's every 2 hours and after tolerating that well he went to 23 cc's. Then Dr. Slagle switched his feedings to every 3 hours with a slight increase every so many feeds until he hits his goal of 27cc's every 3 hours. Now he can take longer naps between snack times. Like a good DelloIacono Thies, he likes to eat. He even gets a little fussy right before feeding time.

Eric's breathing still "swings" as the medical folks say. That means he swings between shallow and deep breaths. He was swinging a lot and had an increase in his "A's & B's" since Dr. Slagle turned down the amount of pressure the hi-flow oxygen was delivering. This is common preemie behavior. She challenged him a bit to see if he was ready to turn it down, but he told her he wasn't ready for that yet. He likes to hold his breath when he poops & when he gets to comfey with a full belly.

His eyes are a little goopy again so he getting eye drops again, which don't seem to bug him to much.

Today when I was holding him my hand got a little cramp, a good sign that he is adding weight. He listened to me babble a bit and then fell asleep for a good while. He usually tells us when he is tired of being held and wants his space back in bed by getting squirmy and scrunching up his eyes.


kathy said...

Sounds like Eric is doing great. How's mommy doing? Are you taking some Mommy time and letting Daddy have some baby fun, too?
Lots of love, Aunt Kathy