Friday, October 20, 2006

I can see his legs fillin out

Eric's cheeks and legs are noticeably chunkier. He's up to about 3 lb, 4 oz.

When mom is holding him he will sometimes strain his neck and lift up and turn his head an inch or two. I'm not sure what he is trying to do but my theory is he is trying to pull out the annoying nose tubes. Sometimes it looks like he is intentionally pushing out the nose tubes by moving his head. I love his little shirts; red, yellow and blue. He looks sharp in those. and the ducky socks that aunt Kathy & uncle Rick sent him, even though they are smaller than you can imagine, are still too big. (as modeled above by the handsome kid). He is also growing lots of hair which looks blond-ish but maybe has a small bit of red...??? It's hard to tell yet.

Joe and Kate visited us last night and brought pizza. Um so yummy. I think I will go eat me a leftover slice right now. Thank you for the flowers and cookies and Lana's recipe home cooked stufferoni casserole!


kathy said...

I love the picture where he has his arms up, it looks like he trying to get a wave started in the NICU. A sports fan from the beginning?!!? Get ready Dad to have some company on the couch for those big games!!

kathy said...

Pushed the button too fast, it's snowing here, get out the outfits with the snowmen and polar bears, it's winter time in Bozeman.
Love, Great Aunt Kathy