Saturday, October 14, 2006

Eating It Up

Eric reached his goal of 27 cc's of milk every 3 hours today. That is almost one ounce of milk 8 times a day. Mom is busy keeping the milk machine stocked.

Here is a picture of a little under a weeks worth of milk production in our freezer.

Pumping the milk every 2 to 3 hours is the easy part. Washing the pumping gadgets adds to the fun. Here is Mom happily washing her pumping gadgets. If you call me and I don't pick up the phone it is likely because I am occupied with pumping (our napping, or with Eric) tasks.

Dad got so tired of my dish-soap hands that he decided to buy me a dishwasher just for the pumping gadgets. Look how nice it is.

Now I can update the blog and while washing the pump stuff.

Eric and I hung out again today.

He looks good in his yellow robe. Just cozied in after getting a clean diaper.


Kathy said...

That's a pretty fancy labor saving device Daddy bought. Can it do any other tricks?
Lots of love, Aunt Kathy

lorraine said...

What does the hospital freezer look like!! will he ever catch up?
Eric looks plumper and is filling out quite nicely. Red is his color.
Did you ever try the micro wave washing bags? Love, mom

Ruth Peeling said...

Hi Tara. Just went through the internet with you and Eric! What a boy! I am sure you will be glad to get him home! How much does he weigh in at now? You"ll be glad to get him home i am sure. I think of you and Eric all thr time and look forward to seeing you both in thr near future.

Love, Grandma Ruth