Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nebulize THIS Momma

So the day has finally come. It took 3.5 years for the virus to break through all my defensive moves,  but Eric has his first bad chest cold. The doc gave one listen and said since he is not a chronic smoker she was suspect a virus had set it.

Once Eric turned 2 and we put him in day care with all the germ sharing  I new it would be inevitable but I also knew that his "preemie" start was behind him and his lungs were strong enough to take it and recover. I  had mentally prepared for these nasty colds toddlers are culprits for carrying. But some how he managed to dodge the respiratory germs until now which is pretty amazing considering most babies and toddlers have about ten colds a year.

I do feel a bit vindicated now for all the precautions I have taken because even as a tough and strong three year old he is still a former preemie and the doc could tell with a good listen to his lungs so I can only imagine what this would have been like had he gotten this when he was one or two. Ask anybody who tried to come withing twenty feet of my son.  Aside from being the hand-washing nazi, I practically required them to submit recent medical documentation that they were not sick!

We are treating his cough with albuterol that has to be administer through the "nebulizer". Oh, let the good times roll. Eric isn't a huge fan of the "nebulizer" as you might have guessed. Have you ever met a three year old who wants to sit still for ten minutes with a mask on their face. No, me either. We  have pulled out every reward we can think of. He turned down chocolate but being able to watch Handy Manny seems to get the job done. Mostly we have had to grab him, pin him on my lap with my legs and hold the mask to his face for TEN MINUTES. We get to have this fun at least three times a day for a week!

He is however getting more accepting of this and it is getting easier. He also gets a steroid medication. Now if you know Eric you know he doesn't ever stop moving. He is MR. Action. Now imagine Mr. Action on fast forward. This medicine jacks him up like I loaded him up with a "shot- in-the-dark" ( shot of espresso in a cup of dark roasted coffee). It is pretty amazing to see.

With all of this he is in pretty good spirits but who wouldn't be once you are breathing easier.

Of course brothers share everything and Noah caught this cold too. His biggest issue is post-nasal drip making him gag and worsening a mild case of reflux. Try as I did, it was impossible to keep Noah out of Eric's line of coughing and goopy nose. At least Noah is building his immunity before he has to go childcare.

All this has me thinking we should start having happy hour in this house because I could use the mellowing effect of a stiff drink! Chocolate seems to help though. Good new is everybody is feeling better and recovering quite well.


Susan Myhr Fritz said...

Wow! Vindication, indeed. Sorry you have to go through this "fun" but happy his little body can handle it. I wish a shot-in-the-dark still had an effect on body is too used to caffeine! Time for steroids...and then I start my training for the Tour de France.

Judit said...

Hang in there! Mirabella had RSV when Dez was born and I was sure he would get it. We were super vigilant about keeping those two apart and it worked, but at the expense of my sanity. I also remember taking steroids once when I had a really bad poison ivy rash and boy was it a good time. I honestly can say that I NEVER felt tired. If it were legal and safe, I would take steroids over coffee any day. I can only imagine what your household is like. Just keep chanting: "This, too, shall pass."