Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our first long conversation

Eric and I actually had a quite long -3 maybe 4 minute - conversation about where and when he can get a new computer that works. We were looking at our calendar on my laptop and he says, "need to get Eric's computer". He is referring to the my laptop that took the high dive off podium last summer and now wonders the house frustrating Eric because it doesn't have power.

I reminded Eric that it is broken and out of batteries and he proceeds to tell me it needs new batteries. I tell him that the battery is broken too. He tells me he needs a "new computer." I tell him that maybe Santa will bring him one if he is a good boy and eats his dinner at the table with Momma & Dada. He then says we need our shoes and coats and runs to the door. "Where are we going," I ask. "Santa", he says. Oh of course.


GA Kathy said...

I have seen some amazing kid "toy" computers by Playskol or something. I don't think Eric can wait for Santa, his birthday is before that!! Never too early to enter the technological world. Lots of Love, GA

Judit said...

Awesome. Gotta love their little brains.