Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alameda event

The first Sunday of every month Alameda is host to an Antique Fair that is known better to some as a flea market. It is outside on the old naval base runways and it is huge. If you are nostalgic for something in your past you should come here and you will find it. I heard someone say that "this is the world's best garage sale".

I have definitely had some cool finds here some worthy of purchase others worthy of a WOW. This fair is huuuuge too. You will never make it through the whole thing. It is really like rummaging through my Grandma's basement and looking at all her cool old stuff. I also get ideas of ways to display or re-purpose this cool, old, stuff.

Eric and Aaron love the fair as much as I do. Eric found two cool items that we didn't walk away with due to price and space but he always has fun while we are there.


The Berger Dempseys said...

Oh cool! would love to check that out once we have some space :)
Eric looks very comfortable on that rocking horse...

Great Aunt Kathy said...

I don't know how you could deny that beautiful little boy that tractor.... it was made for him.
Lots of love, GA