Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Outings, laughs, and toys

We have had very nice weather and have been able to get out a bit. Eric had his first trip tp the beach. We went to China Beach, a smaller beach in the Sea Cliff neighborhood. He didn't actually get out on the sand because our stroller isn't quite up to that.

At our last pediatrician appointment Eric weight 10 pounds 14 oz. He has gorgeous chubby thighs, arms, and a beautiful belly. We are guessing he is over 11 pounds now. His hair is growing back in and looks to be a golden blonde but we aren't too sure yet. His feet get bigger everyday too, and his toes are, as we expected, quite long. Given the length of Mom and Dad's monkey toes what could you expect.

Eric loves to smile and is starting to babble with us a bit more. We have this bright yellow smiley face magnet on the fridge that really gets him going. He smiles at, laughs, and talks to it. He also has been laughing in his sleep, which is the cutest.

He is also starting to grab on to things. I have him holding a rattle. I am not sure he knows he is holding something but he certainly has a good grip on it and shakes it around.


Kathy said...

Ok, so I checked my toes and yup, monkey toes, now that I think about it in my younger college days I was able to type a show with my toes they were so long and dexterous.....
Lots of love from one monkey toe to another.

kathy said...

Ok what I really meant to say was "tie a shoe", I don't know where my head was or what my fingers were doing.

amy from pod numero uno said...

attack of the smiles!