Thursday, February 01, 2007

New things

Cuddling with his blankie while Mom & Dad eat dinner. Eric sits in his bouncy seat while we eat dinner beside him.

Getting some work done with Dad. Eric likes to hang out in the office sometimes so Mom can go for a run, do laundry, pump, or take a nap.

Eric tries out the baby Bijorn. Like the stroller, this took some getting used to. He cried for the first 5 minutes and then settled in, relaxed, and fell asleep.

Eric loves to check out his giraffe pics from South Africa that GA Kathy sent. His cousin, Mortimer, took all these amazing photos and they are great contrasts and really get his attention, especially when we are trying to change his diaper.

We had our pedi appointment with Dr. McMahan today. Eric is up to 9lbs 11 oz and 21.25 inches long. He was a trooper with his shots, but we already know he is a tough guy. Eric does have a bit of a hernia that has popped up in his groin that is going to need to be surgically repaired. These are very common, especially in preemies. We have an appointment with the pediatric surgeons on Monday. It sounds like a pretty simple procedure, but it is a procedure and it makes Mom nervous.

Dad took Eric out for a walk in the stroller by himself yesterday for the first time. Of course I had to give him important instructions like how to properly cover the stroller so no one could see him but Dad, and how to let a little fresh air through, and what he should wear. They had a good time.


kathy said...

I'm hopeful that on the CD yet to arrive from J'burg are the most amazing zebra shots..... with luck, coming up next Eric, Zebras!!
Lots of love, GA and GU

mom said...

Great to see that the family is moving right along with normal activities and outings - both for Eric and Mom & Dad.

Keep having fun.

Stephen's Mom