Tuesday, February 13, 2007


So for several days we have been walking into the kitchen saying to each other,"what is that smell?" We emptied the garbage, ran the disposal, cleaned out the fridge and still that stank persisted. For a while it was contained to just the doorway of the kitchen. Then one morning I notice the smell was making its way down the long hallway. Finally Aaron discovered the source, pot of water on the stove. We always leave this large pot on the stove clean and empty so we never suspected it. Then Aaron lifted the lid to find oily water in it. It had been in there long enough for us to forget what was last cooked in it. Oops.

Eric has us a too busy to clean up everything. When he is hungry we drop everything to get him fed and often forget what we were doing i.e. the dishes. He keeps us very busy and we love it.

Eric has discovered his hands and is constantly sucking on his fists. Yum, Yum. He is also starting to "talk" a bit and explore the use of his voice to make various sounds. He seems to dig classical music and we have found that so do we. His hair is starting to grow back on the top, but we can't quite make out the color. There are some blondes in there though. He enjoys tummy time on the boppy pillow much more than flat on the floor.


kathy said...

He looks so good, so round and chubby. He gets cuter by the day. Lots of love. GA and GU

amy from pod numbero uno said...

lots of smiles coming from that beautiful baby boy.