Monday, February 05, 2007

Even more reasons to smile

Today we took Eric to the pediatric surgeon to take a look at what our pediatrician thought was very likely a hernia in his groin. The surgeon gave us happy news, no hernia, which means no need for immediate surgery. Eric and his parents are very happy about this.

Eric gives us lots of smiles when he is in the mood. He has started smiling back at us when we smile and giggle at him.

Eric was disappointed that the Bears lost the superbowl,but definitely enjoyed his superbowl party with Dad. He put back a couple of bottles during the game.

Eric interacting with his friends on the mobile.

Some other fun photos


Anonymous said...

Yea, unfortunate about Da Bearsss, but it was inevitable.
How cute is that little boy? I love it when they start to smile. All the hard work that mom and dad put in gets rewarded. Good to see him wearing the little stripey outfit too! :-) We are saving the ducky towel a month or so when our little one can appreciate it more. Then it's party time! Judit

kathy said...

That is the best smile!! He looks so happy!!
And great news, no surgery.
I got a bunch of animal pix from Mort - zebras included but lions, tigers, hippos, elephants, waterbucks and gnus as well. Will start printing out pictures to send so he can have a multimedia slide show on the changing table.
Lots of love, GA

amy from pod numbero uno said...

that is one cute little smile. oh how i can't wait to meet the little munchkin.