Monday, August 17, 2015

Noah's Fifth Birthday Party & Pre-K Graduation

My sweet and expressive baby boy turned fiver years old this year and graduated from CLIF BASECAMP. After five years and one of two boys to go through the entire CLIF BAR BaseCamp child care program, he is going to kindergarten. I have some mixed emotions but we are all developmental ready for this next phase. Noah can feel it and expresses he desire to learn more and more. I am ready to have what kindergarten and Eric and Noah being at the same school will offer. It is funny to me that I am not more sad to walk out the Basecamp doors. I am definitely nostalgic for time gone by, but my readiness to have more time with my family in new ways and more independence for all far overshadows sadness. Developmental readiness is not just important for kids but, also us parents who never stop developing in our constantly adjusting roles as parents.

Congrats Noah on turning and summiting all the major peaks:

Mt Hood - infant room
Mt Shasta - toddler room
Mt Rainer - junior pre-k
Mt Whitney - pre-school
Mt Denali  - pre-k

Noah’s last day as a pre-ker will be August 14th. Of course we will be dropping in plenty J Noah and Eric are pretty excited to be in the same place again. Eric likes to keep track of his bro and Noah likes doing what his bro is doing! And we like having one drop off and one school to keep track of. Our time at base camp has been extremely special and we are so grateful for all the love and attention our children have received, right next door.
Taavi has been Noah's best friend since Mt Hood - like brothers