Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wee play party

We had the pleasure of celebrating our good friend Roane's first birthday at Wee Play. Here is a quicky blog to share some recent fun.

Here is a pic of the big birthday boy looking completely aware that we are all there in his honor.

DJ Noah owned the learning tables at the party and kicked out some good beat box sounds.

He wore himself out and was ready to snuggle in.

Dadda trying to "heard cats" for a group shot of Noah and the birthday boy. Good luck with that!
Congrats to proud Mama  Jhana ( and Dada Christoper -not pictured here) for making it through the first full year as parents of two boys under the age of 4
Big brother Aemon (Eric's best buddy from Little Lion's) enjoy the homemade cup cakes.
Big brother Eric doing the same