Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thanksgiving and stuff

Thanksgiving has come and now there is just 2 weekends before Christmas and we will be putting the tree up this week.  I am a bit behind on reporting action from November and now here it is December.

 Here is a run down of November events on Eric and Noah's calendars.
1) Visit from Uncle Sean & Aunt Courtney (actually end of October but who is keeping track?)
2) Visit from Papa Ralph and Nani Jeanne arriving on Mamma's birthday to celebrate

3) Two week trip to Boston. This was Noah's first time on an airplane and Eric's third trip to Boston to see the cousins, Great Auntie J, and Great Nana Mary.

This brings me to Thanksgiving, which is what I intended to write about when a started this.

We had a fantastic Wild Wood Thanksgiving complete with Noah's first visit to see Santa at Empire Mine State Park. Noah was intrigued with Santa's real (really!) beard. (You get a Santa with a real beard when you skip the Santa scene at the mall). Noah just kept diddling Santa's beard while Eric answered Santa's questions with eyes only for the bowl of candy canes in Mrs. Claus's bowl.

This is will also be the the first visit to Santa that Eric will likely recall. This is probably a good thing since the first visit to Santa  resulted in a  classic Santa scream which caused us to skip the whole thing last year.