Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father's Day Rocket Ship

I never imagined I'd have two little boys. With all the work we do every day to raise them, give them what they need and keep the ship together, I often forget to savor the joy they bring to my life. My first Father's Day with both of them was a perfect time to remember how blessed I am and just have fun, laugh and love them.

All Noah needs right now is for me to talk to him, hold him, give him lots of smiles and mix in a bottle every 3 hours. Eric on the other hand, requires a rocket ship. After sleeping in and having some breakfast with the family all together, Eric and I took a huge box that we had in the garage (thanks Aunt Kathy and Uncle Rick!) and turned it into our own interstellar vehicle. Eric actually decided that the box would be a rocket ship. I had suggested we make a castle but his imagination was bigger than that. We cut the windows, made the escape portal, added power buttons and steering wheel, and spent an hour painting it. After that it was time for lift off. We flew to the moon, battled monsters and hid from momma. I think I had more fun than Eric.

Later in the day, Eric's rambunctous friend Aemon came over to play and they quickly discovered how to crash the rocket ship. Here's a sweet video of the two kids: