Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thankful and then some

Thanksgiving with Oma,Opa, Cousins Sam, Maylen and Addison!

It has been a while since Momma has blogged at you and what better time to get the groove back than a holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!

I am exhaustively thankful for Eric and for the new brother or sister on the way. Anyone reading this who has been pregnant while chasing their pre-schooler around knows what I mean when I say exhaustive. Everyday there is something new to adapt to for example, I can no longer pick Eric up, which means I can no longer pick Eric up and carry him to speed things a long.

Everything we do together is in pre-schooler time and pre-schooler fashion which is generally doddlingly getting to whatever we're getting to. I am grateful for our leisurely fall walks down the street through piles of leaves, picking up sticks, jumping in puddles, and investigating other peoples side walks. It forces me to clear my mind of all the responsibilities and be present right where I am at, with Eric.
Sometimes we will even just pop a seat on the sidewalk and take a break.

Then there are the times like taking a bath, brushing teeth, changing the diaper, washing hands, or going to bed where Eric takes full advantage of me not being able to pick him and plop him where he is to go. This has resulted in me, on occasion dragging him to where he needs to be. Interesting yes, always effective no.

Doing things in pre-schooler time can test my patience, BUT I must say I am grateful for this time (as exhausting as it is). Not only does it force me get more disciplined and patient, but it has also allowed for Eric and Momma moments I wouldn't trade for the world.

Out of these moments has blossomed a budding photographer. One of Eric's and my favorite games is to give Eric the camera and let him snap away and then we upload them and look at the on the computer. This keeps his attention for a while and always me to sit down and watch him take photos. I have noticed a marked improvement in his photo quality and composition since we starting playing this game in my first trimester. On Thanksgiving Day I let him go with the camera and he captured photos of the whole family.

Eric documented a wonderful holiday that we thankfully got to spend together with Oma & Opa, Uncle Mike & Aunt Susie, cousins Sam, Maylen and the newest addition - Addison (one month old). It was especially a special holdiday because it was the first celebrated together at the Montoya's new house (with a fantastic circular floor plan for running laps) and Opa was finally back in NorCal! Here are some more of Eric's photos and a few of taken by others while celebrating: