Friday, October 02, 2009

Giants Game

Last weekend I took Eric to his first Giants game. So that he was properly indoctrinated as a true Giants fan, we went to see them play the Dodgers during a pennant chase and we sat in the left field bleachers. I thought it might be overwhelming for a 3 year old but he loved it. It was kids' backpack night so he got a free Giants backpack which was wayyy to big for him. To get in the right mood, Eric first hit the Coke bottle side for about 20 trips. Loved it.

Once the game started he fit right in with our group (Keith, Joe, BJ, etc.). He chanted "Beat LA" and pumped his fist with the crowd. The most classic moment in my mind was around the 3rd inning. I had given Eric one of those milk boxes to drink and at some point he dropped it and then stepped on it. The milk shot out like a cannon. When you look down any given row in the bleachers, you will see that the ground is wet from spilled beers. In our row it was pure white with spilled milk and covered with the kettle corn that didn't make it to Eric's mouth. He seemed (I hope) not to notice all the people screaming out F-bombs at Dodger fans and at one point a fight erupted about 10 feet from us. Hey it's just part of a Giants/Dodgers game right? Fan for life.


(Great)Aunt Kathy said...

No matter what, no matter where, I love that little blonde boy with his Dad having fun.
LoL Aunt Kathy