Friday, May 02, 2008

East coast trip & Much more

Arrival of spring has brought many new experiences our way including more play dates,bike rides, trips to the beach, and travel. Eric has been making friends and now has a frequent flyer number.

Eric is full of energy - he is running, not walking, from room to room chasing his BA (short for balloon) as we speak.

Here is in the park enjoying tunes & a paddle boat ride.

Speaking of speaking, we were told at Eric's follow-up clinic this past march that he was speech-delayed. We have zero concern over this because he understands everything including the Spanish Maria speaks to him in. His first word was bye, accompanied by a wave. His second word was baby. He now says bu (short for bus), and eeeze (for cheese). I am pretty sure he said all done yesterday.

Once April came we didn't waste a second and headed east to Boston visit the DelloIacono family where Eric got to visit with his Great Papa (94) and Great Nana (90), Great Auntie J and his cousins. Grandpa Ralph & Gram Jeannie also made the trip to Bean-town to celebrate Grandpa Ralph's b-day with the family.

An outing at our local China Beach

Biking in Golden Gate Park

Other news, Mom (me) had her first overnights away from the boys. Work took me all the way to New York City where I made sure to have some fun and see good friends. Dad & Eric did well with the help of Maria and kept myself so busy that I barely had time to miss them.

What is good about all of this? It is all normal, which means that everyone is healthy and doing well. These trips have now been added the list of "big steps" for all if us.

With all this going on you may now understand why it has been so long since our lasting posting.