Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Eric & Maria

Every morning Eric and Maria spend a good amount of time on the couch looking out the window at all the action. From the window Eric can see the California 1 bus line go by. On Tuesday and Thursday they await the street cleaner. Wednesday morning is full of excitement with the garbage, compost, and recycle pick up.

There used to be the added bonus of watching the neighborhood eccentric, Cookie, attempt to move her beater car from one side of the street to the other on street cleaning day. This was a good hour of entertainment. Cookie's car hardly ran, had a constant flat tire, and was held together with duck tape. Alas, Cookie moved and her car must have made its way to her new street, or the city decided to remove it on grounds of it being an "eye sore".

Maria is wonderful with Eric and he has so much fun on their days together. We are lucky to have found her. She can even get him to wear his baseball hat. Eric gets so excited when Maria comes in the morning that he squeals and waves his hands until he gets to give her a big hug.

Spencer and Eric have found time for few play dates. Spencer loves pulling all the toys out of the polka dot bin and is full of things to say. He can even say Eric. Our favorite word is the one nobody knows what he means, "ah be-baa". I also love his word for cracker which sounds more like a duck, but by gosh Spencer means he wants a cracker.