Monday, September 10, 2007

What's new

If you haven't noticed, Eric has curls. The curls keep coming. At first this was puzzling because neither Aaron nor have even a single wave in our hair. Looking at the family tree it seems that my dad, Grandpa Ralphy, is the likely source. Uncle Sean also inherited the loopy locks.

Eric has been "combat" crawling, pulling himself forward with his arms, for about 3 weeks. He is starting to make good time with this maneuver and can pretty much get anywhere he chooses to go. Watch out. He is also quite the pivoter and can do a 360 to avoid needing reverse.

He has figured out that his knees bend and has been pulling them underneath himself. Today he has been holding himself on all fours swaying forward and back but hasn't quite figured out what he needs to do to crawl. Meanwhile Aaron and I are babyproofing like crazy.

He has figured out how to get out of the sitting position so no more sitting him down and expecting him to stay there. He does get what Aaron calls the "gravity assist" for this move but he is gaining a little more control.

He has also managed to go from his tummy to sitting a few times but I have yet to catch him in the act. I will turn around for a second and back again he is sitting up. He his quick.

Eric has caught on that food tastes pretty good and his current preference are the carotenoid vegetable sources: butternut squash, winter squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. He is a veggie man but his starting to acquire the flavor for fruits. He has no interest in chunking food yet and gags nearly at the sight of it. He will pick up any toy you put in front of him, but put some foreign food on his tray and he won't even touch he. He is definitely telling us he prefers puree at the moment.

Favorite "word" is Ba, Ba, Ba. and he is quite good at adjusting his tone. He is also good with Mumm, Mumm and I am pretty sure I have heard a Momma in there.

He is attentive when we read to him looking every page over as if he is reading it himself and turns the pages when we're ready.

The NICU has a follow-up clinic that Eric will go to every 6 months or so called the Whitney Clinic. His first visit was last week and it went well. He is right with his chronological age for his gross motor skills and responsiveness. He is in perfect health and is growing just has he should. Eric is a go-getter and I have a feeling his determination is going to have him catching up to his birthday age in record time since he is there for most everything already. There is also know doubt that his IQ will be high - because we can tell you that he is very bright.

Our household has also made it through our first cold in over 18 months. Dad got it, then Eric, then me, and of all of us Eric handled it like the best and besides being a little more sleepy only had a bit of a drippy nose, a cough, and possibly a little sore throat. He smiled at the doctors and was quite playful, all good signs that a little cold wasn't slowing him down.

Eric got lots of great toys for his b-day and continues to be spoiled by Aunt Courtney and Uncle Sean. Check out the cood panda all the way from the best toy store, FAO Schwartz. I think he likes him.