Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer time

Summer time, computer crashes (yes that is plural), more and more play time, more and more work time, and a nanny search has kept me from posting with weekly regularity. Today I was reminded just how wonderful this blog is and decided if all I posted was one sentence I was posting something.

My co-worker and good friend Grady brought me close to tears today when he reminded me of all the support from around the globe that has come through this blog. I was once again so touched when he told me that he read Eric's blog more than any other. Grady's last day at Clif Bar was today and he is now off to travel around the world (literally). He will be blogging and we will be lucky to experience his journey vicariously.

Eric is in motion, motion, motion rolling to the left, rolling to the right, and pulling himself up right to sit. He is so strong and always doing his ab exercises. I guess all those winter days watching me do sit-ups in my pajamas gave him the right idea. He wants to go forward and stretches with all he's got, waving his arms and legs as if he might be able to swim to that book just out if his reach.

He has really become quite the book warm. He loves to go the last page first, taste it, and then listen to the story. If you set a book down next to him he will dive for it with so much enthusiasm.

Eric has started liking his solid food more. He is now eating organic apples, pears, bananas, peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Tonight we tried avocado and he wasn't thrilled with it.

The weekend after 4th of July we road tripped up to Lake Wildwood (aka LWW) for some summer heat. Hot it was with, 102 degrees being the "official" high from meteroligist Grandpa Terry. It was an exciting weekend for Eric because not only did he get to go on boat rides with Grandma and Grandpa and meet the seamstress, Theresa from Florida, of his cool animal blanket, and hang out with Great Grandma Ruth, but he also had his first slumber party with Spencer.

The Brown's made there first trip out of town over night, a huge step. Us parents actually had some time together to have a glass (or two) of vino and talk the night away. Spencer enjoyed his first boat ride refusing to go to sleep (it was his bedtime) because he didn't want to miss any of the action.