Monday, June 25, 2007

So much to do

It was not my intention to make all of you loyal Eric groupies think that just because I am going back to work (part time) that we would no longer be keeping you up to date with all the latest and greatest news. It just so happens that going back to work coincided with Uncle Sean & Aunt Courtney's big wedding in Chico, a trip to Lake Wildwood with not one but two sets of grandparents, a nanny search, the expanation of Aaron's business, and many outings to enjoy the nice weather. Not to mention I have had to rebuild my computer because I thought I was such a genious and now I am having difficulting accessing my photos, of which I have hundreds of the fore mentioned events.

Throwing 20 hours a week of work into the picture has definitely caused a shifting of our routine but we are finding our rhythm. Eric spends more time with Dad and giggles in delight at his everyword. On the days I am working they stroll through the neighborhood in hit all the deli's in search of the perfect sandwhich. They have even gotten together with Chris (Dad) and Spencer Brown while the moms are working.

Eric is 14 pounds 9 oz and 25 1/2 inchies. He is exploring the use of his taste buds and has expanded his menu from milk to include mulit grain cereal and oatmeal (non-GMO ofcourse), organic sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, apples, and bananas. He still, however, mostly prefers his Neosure. His acid reflux is getting better and better. His hydrocele (the thing the doc orginially thought was a hernia in his groin) is getting smaller and won't need surgery, which is great. It would have been a very minor thing but still nice to not have to do. Other big news is that Eric has moved to his crib and he loves the comfey mattress and space to stretch out. He has been asking me to move to his own room and crib for a few weeks since he had cleary outgrown his bassinet.

Aaron also enjoyed his first Father's Day as a daddy and as soon as I figure this computer glitch out I will post the Father's Day pictures of our picnic at San Bruno moutain.

Eric has been getting around the city a bit more to see the sights. He has been to the Mission district, enjoyed a stroll in Dolores Park over looking the city with Stell, the Ferry Building with Spencer, Aquatic park and Crissy Field with Grandma Lorraine and Grandpa Jerry, his first dinner out(side) at Pizetta, Fillmore street with Uncle Joe, and a few jogs in the baby jogger through the Presidio. He has also had more trips over the Golden Gate Bridge to hang with Spence than I can count. He is very social and loves to smile and charm the pants off people, especially the ladies.


Anonymous said...

So the look on his face where Grandma Linda is holding him is " being a chick magnet is hard work".
Lots of love, GA