Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Live from Boston

Noah and I are on our first trip of just the two of us. So far his living the dream on the plan. No brother to compete with. Non-stop six hours of cartoon network and Momma handing him food to sustain him. He has hardly said a peep. So different from Eric who asks questions about everything going on and how much longer.

Noah became a big kid on his birthday. He turned five. When Eric was fiver years he got to go on a work trip with Momma too, also around the time of the Boston marathon.

This will be a brand new experience for Noah. He will have undivided attention of both me and Grandma, not to mention Nana and Auntie Janice who he last visited at nine months old. Younger siblings don't really even know that undivided attention exists.

I am heading to work at the Boston Marathon. Grandma is meeting to hang with Noah while I work. It is going to an adventure for all of us. Clif Bar is the official organic sports nutrition food of the Boston marathon for the first time ever and it is a huge activation.

Noah is really ready for something new other than pre-school. His frustration with learning  and trying to do things like write letters, numbers, and read without yet having been taught is just like when he was learning to articulate with words he didn't yet have to express what he wanted to say.

I know he senses the transition to kindergarten is near and he has no hesitation but it probably not soon enough.

Soooo good time for his first big kid work trip with Mom! It will be interesting because Eric is such a good big brother, Always watching out for Noah and giving him direction and answering for him before he gets a chance to speak. Sometimes I think this makes Noah a little less outgoing because brother is always there to lead the way.

Let's not forgot to mention that "Mom-of-the-Year" is sitting two rows behind us on the plan with two little boys who we have not heard a peep out of the entire flight. I just keep hearing her bitch, swear, scold, put down, and ridicule these poor little boys who are doing nothing than being 2 and maybe 4 year olds on the plan. Very well behaved. The ask her lots of questions and have a lot of needs and I get that she has been traveling with them on vacation for a week and is desperate for a break but that doesn't make up for the fact that she puts them down. Listening to her reminds me that even on my worst day I am never that bad and that my worst days will now have me thinking back to how hurtful her parenting was to her children and how I don't even want to come close to that!