Monday, August 13, 2012

Our gradute

Ready for first day Mt Whitney Pre-School September 2010

Graduating Pre-K Mt Denali June 201
Eric started attending Clif Bar Base Children's Creative Learning Center the first day it opened, September 9 2010. He was thrilled have somewhere new to explore and new friends to meet. Momma was thrilled to have him right next door, on site at CLIF BAR. He was so excited that first day to pile into the car and drive to "work" with Momma.

Eric's first day care was spitting distance from our house. Our first drive to  BASE CAMP it was as if his whole world had just expanded exponentially.  I had never seen anyone so enthusiastic spotting the BART train and the AM-Train (aka Amtrak).  It was then we began our game of "who can call BART first" and getting excited when we saw two crisscross .

Eric and Momma ready for first day at Base Camp
Soon after, Noah joined in the fun and began his Base Camp experience as one of the first infants to attend. Both boys have grown leaps and bounds since we started. Noah moving through infant(Mt Hood), toddler (Mt Shasta), and now jr. pre-school(Mt Raineer). Eric began in pre-school(Mt Whitney), then pre-k (Mt Denali).

On June 21,2012 Eric celebrated as the first graduating pre-k class from Clif Bar Base Camp. The ceremony included his close-knit friends. They performed the song "The World is Our Rainbow" and each received their pre-k diplomas. My heart melted and when the moved their little tassels across their faces the stream of tears came pouring out.

You see, it wasn't just my five year-old standing there so proud and joyful. It was my 1 pound 14 ounces preemie baby big and strong; healthy and happy standing in the Clif Bar auditorium in front of so many of our Clif Bar friends that supported us through his tiny times. There he stood proud and strong not only bringing tears and smiles to Momma's face but all those from CLIF who know his story. It was very special.

Now we move on to our newest adventure. Kindergarten for Eric, and for Noah creating daily identity a bit more separate from his favorite person, his brother.

Base Camp is a special place bringing together compassionate big-hearted kids who, much like their parents on the other side of the wall, race laps, tell stories, and strive for the top.

Miss Sayaka & Class
Special Friends Nolan Fay & Eric

Great Buddies & lovers of italia Logan Simmons & Eric