Monday, July 23, 2012

Noah gets a little off the top...and the back and the front

Noah had is first ever hair cut last week. Momma hasn't e en done a little trim!  He is not a fan of me taking a comb to his hair so I knew a haircut could pose difficulties.  Eric however has this haircut thing down so I took them both to our in-house hair dresser at CLIF (who is conviently also a photographer) and she gave them both Eric going first was bound to make Noah anxious to do it too and it did. He sat still and smiled at me, the mirror and Karen Drinkwater ( haircutter to children extrordinare). He did great and she didn't cut too much because of how baby-fine it is but she DID cut his little mullet clean off...phew.

Brother sister duo of Logan and Sabina Simmons also came over from base camp to get in on the action and Sabina's first haircut too. It was a part!