Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The blondies

On Thanksgiving Eric and Noah got to spend the weekend chasing around with their cousins. Sam is six, Maylen 4, and Addison 2. Eric and Noah complete the roll call at 5 and 1 respectively. This group has more fun when they are together especially when the are bonding at Oma and Opa's house which is able to corral the energy most of the time with plenty of entertainment and tasty snacks.

The day after Thanksgiving we have made it a new tradtion to visit the Empire Mine in Grass Valley where not only does Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive but there is also plenty of room to run and explore the grounds of this beautiful state park.

We had a major photo sessions and I was able to play with the fun camera app on my phone capture these sweet moments. I know you will expect to see photos of Santa here but to manage expectation I will tell you know that is for another post.