Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Our five year old big man

We began this blog five years ago. Today Eric is 5 years old. Happy Birthday to my baby boy! Oh, sorry, I mean big boy Eric.

This many years ago, I remember sitting by Eric's side and my Mom by mine listening to her tell me that one day I would tell Eric the story of how he was born and that he would ask,"Please Mommy, tell the story of how I was born again."

The other day I said to him do you have any idea how small you were when your born (1 pound 14 oz) and he said, "Nope" and went about his playing. In many ways that is how it should be. Him having no idea how different his arrival was from many and how much "catching up" was before him. But to know his own story is to know how strong and determined he really is. So I have begun to share with him how strong he truly is and, yes Mom, tell him the story of how he was born.

Sometimes pictures say more than words.

September 7, 2006

Running fast, smiling, after falling and skinning his knee 

Getting his first real hit at the Clif Bar Company Picnic game
Showing us his beautiful smile and bright blue eyes

Your Momma and Dadda love you more than words. Happy Birthday buddy!


Kathy said...

And what five years it's been!!! Aunt Kathy and Uncle Rick had so much fun with Eric this summer and we look forward to many more. Our miracle baby is growing up!.

Anonymous said...

grandma lorraine loves you and wishes you a happy birhtday.