Sunday, May 01, 2011

Time to brush teeth

When it comes to brushing teeth Noah and Eric are exact opposites. Noah asks to brush his teeth by rubbing is fingers on his teeth and giving "unh,unh" grunts while Eric runs the other direction the minute you say brush teeth time.

We used to have to forcibly pin Eric down to get a tooth brush in his mouth and even when we did I don't think we got much brushing accomplished. Noah is like" Yes! Let's do the tooth massages!" Anything that big brother does that Noah can do too is enthusiastically embraced by Noah.

Noah also has a few clear words in his vocabulary that he practices in the car to himself. "No" and "hi". He also say Buh, buh for ball and balloon. And, if he has also found a word for Elmo that sounds pretty close, which is another opposite from Eric who found zero interest in Elmo. He says aaapple wtih a long "a" sound. We haven't decided if he is saying up or help when he says "hep" which in context we seem to make a good guess.

If Eric hollers out, Noah will holler out in the exact same connotation which is pretty cute.


Jerri Larimore said...

You used to pin him down just to brush his teeth!? The kid must've been a real handful. This reminds me of my nephew who always tries to run away from us when it's time to brush his teeth. But it's a good thing that he's brushing on his own now.