Friday, March 04, 2011

Let me tell you some thing

Eric probably does know more than me given the number of questions he is capable of asking in 60 seconds like " are their sharks in that water? Why aren't they sharks in that water? Why do sharks like salt water and fish like fresh water? Why is your blinker on? Why aren't you passing that car? Did you remember you keys? Did you remember my water bottle? Why is Thies my last name? What bridge is that? What direction is behind us? How many mile is to school? Why is it that many? Is it garbage day? Why isn't it garbage day? Why is that train short? Why is dark now? Why is the sun not out? Why is there fog?"

I don't know what is more incredible, the question rate or that I respond to every one because I don't want to disappoint his fantastic curiosity of the world around him.

After returning from a weekend at Opa and Oma's house Eric also started several statements with "Let me tell you something......" Leave it to kids to pick up common phrases they hear out of our mouths. Opa & Oma probably didn't even realize until reading this just now that Eric undoubtedly pick this one up from him. You always know when to listen up and pay attention to Opa when he starts his sentences this way because he is about to impart some vary well-learned and earned wisdom that will most definitely serve you. Eric knows people will listen when starts sentence with " Let me tell you some thing (some & thing being emphasized separately by Eric) and his more recent evolution  "Let me show you some - thing". He is a fast learner.


GA Kathy said...

That is so cute that he picked that up from Opa.... he loves his guy role models!!