Saturday, February 19, 2011

Naya naya naya

Noah is a talker. Tons of baby talk. I have said since his first week that he is very good at expressing himself and he is.

Today while I was washing my hands in the bathroom Noah crawls and toddles over to the toilet paper roll and points while proclaiming "naya, naya , naya". This is him saying "no, no, no" with the exact same tone I use with him when I say it.  Amazing. He has been doing this since the first no-no I gave him for trying to climb onto the dishwasher door. It also amazes me that he now knows what is no-no i.e. the toilet paper. He smiles at you while he is saying it in a way that is like he is asking if this is really a no-no.

Noah is also immensely proud of his achievements and grins ear to ear when accomplishing something like climbing up on couch, rearranging furniture, or taking his first steps, which he is managing in a one to two step fashion.