Monday, May 25, 2009

More Montana visitors: Grandma Lorraine & Grandpa Jerry

We are coming off a recent visit from Grandma Lorraine and Grandpa Jerry where Eric was fully entertained with a present every day and showing them around town. We gave them a taste of Alameda with a trip to our favorite beach, a Friday morning at Crosstown Community Cafe with Cowboy Jared, shopping on Park street, and a visit to the USS Hornet.

On special request we had lunch a Chipolte, rice and beans are Eric's favorite, and Jerry was anxious to try the burrito that his son-in-law, Dan Fritz, raved about. Dan, if you are listening, he almost couldn't eat the whole thing.

Grandma and Grandpa are deprived a local Trader Joes so it was a treat for Eric and Momma to take them the mere 2 miles from house to TJ's. Grandma found some yummy cookies and said to Eric, " Can we buy them?" Eric's response was, "Can we buy it? Yes we can!" This means he is watching too much Bob the Builder I think.

We also took the ferry over to Pier 39 and pretended to be tourists one day without proper clothing (pants, scarves, and fleece) and Eric got to try his first mini donut. He took one, maybe two, bites and proclaimed, "Umm, good bagel!"

We strolled down the Embarcadero in search of the sun and found it just in time for lunch at the Ferry Building.
This was Grandma and Grandpa's first visit to our new house. A little tidbit is that kaddie-corner to our house is the corner where we sat in January 2006, Eric's first social trip out of the flat, while exploring the possibilities of Alameda. Grandma Lorraine was with us and actually even went into the open house on the corner (600 sq ft for 560k). Two year later when Aaron and I starting looking in Alameda again we kept trying to find this neighborhood to no avail until one day there was this open house and here we are. Some how this street called us back.

We took a trip with Grandma Lorraine and Grandpa Jerry to the plant nursery where the loaded us up with a couple trees for the bare spots in the back and some color for the front. Despite the unsusal 90 degree heat that day Jerry was as eager as Eric to dig a whole and get those trees in! Once Eric found that Jerry and Aaron's were getting muddy he backed off screaming "dirty hands". For the most part we really like clean .

Our trees and plants and new shovel are awesome! Thank you. Next time your in town we can paint:)


Susan said...

Tara, I wasn't aware that my dad "almost" couldn't finish the burrito...but I knew about the "good bagel" comment. Good stuff. Love, Susan