Sunday, March 08, 2009

Common sentences we hear from Eric

Buy Elmo

Eric turn drive

Dadda ride da bus

Momma make da bars

Dadda cut da nails, Momma get da boogers

Eric's working (says this with his wooden tools in hand)

It hard - how do it?

Dat's a Biiiig one
Dat's a little one

No poopoo (don't believe this one)

Just one. (flashes the #1 sign with index finger when he's requesting/demanding either a cookie or a video.)

Eric has discovered the wonders of the iPod. Also, as we drove down the road the other day he said, " iPod Momma" and there they were right on the billboard in front of us.

Book time with the bunny on the bears
Buddies enjoying a treat with their milk