Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Eric's first Presidential election

This morning there was a picture of John McCain pulled up on my computer news. Eric immediately recognized this Opa (aka Terry or Grandpa). Apparently not only does my dad think Opa Terry resembles Jimmy Carter, but his Grandson thinks he is John McCain. It must be the hair.

The night of the election Aaron and I listened to our president-elect's acceptance speech with ears wide. Since then "Yes we can" has become a theme for our country. These are words every two to five year old boy in the country already knows. These are not only the words of our new President but also Bob the Builder who is always shouting is motto,"Can we fix it? Yes we can!" Eric refers to Bob as Bob We Can. Aunt Susie and Uncle Mike most certainly recognize Bob's motto too as cousin Sam is a fan of Bob.

Bob the Builder teaches many lessons all with the Yes We Can anthem. Kids teach us so much. Our country certainly needs to hear this resounding Yes We Can more often and we finally have a leader who believes it.

I am proud that we have man as President that can be a role model for our children as a true leader, not just someone who resides in the white house and makes decisions on our country's behalf, but someone who inspires hope and has the ability to inspire the people in our country and others to simply do better. This is the first politician I have seen since I have been old enough to vote that empowers not just government but also the people that government is by and for. That is exciting.

Obama is no savior,golden child, or sole answer to all of the challenges our country faces. He is the right man to lead our government and our people to take care of our country and our people by doing better and living better. Just by running in this election he inspired more people than ever before to vote, whether right or left. For so long so many have felt that as one person they could not make a difference. Obama is inspiring people to get out shout "Can we fix it? Yes we can."

One day I will feel proud to tell Eric that he witnessed that start of a new era November 4, 2008 - where the people began to rise above fear and struggle in the name of hope. After all,(as I once heard a cancer survivor say) hope is the only option.

With that here is a Eric with some good eats.....


Kathy said...

Hope is the only option and .....

Yes we can!!

Lots of love, GA