Sunday, September 07, 2008

Oh yeah its your birthday

Today is a big day, Eric's 2nd birthday. Two years have made Eric's dramatic (tramatic) birth fade into our pasts as he illuminates our world with his curly blonde fro and his high energy, enthusastic curiosity.

Today is the day he is 2 - no more adjusting his age by subtracting 3 months - because he is now caught up to his birth date in strength and development. In our minds he has always been ahead (not catching up from behind). Being born a preemie isn't a matter of catching up, it is a matter of getting an earlier start and needing a little more support along the way.

Eric has hit age two at full speed literally and figuratively. Today for example he lead the way on the trail at Monterey Dunes state park yelling "ruuuun Momma, ruuuun Dadda". He also woke up this morning (6:10am) straight away yelling "kids,kids" as he new his cousins were staying with us the Monterey condo and he didn't want to waste one second of fun standing in the pack n' play.

A few months ago the developmental therapist had some concerns that Eric may have bit of a speech delay but, our intuition told us otherwise, and we were right. In the last month his vocabulary has astounded us. Also in the last month he has been putting words together and speaking in phrases. His first phrase was "Amy's house" after staying the night at our friend's house on our road trip. He also continues to be bilingual and speak Spanish, especially when he see Maria.

Turning 2 has brought with it many changes. Eric has a new room in our new house in Alameda that we moved into days before leaving on our Washington/Montana road trip. He is now also old enough to start daycare and be around other germy kids. He starts at a day care next week. They have all his favorite things, trains, books, tractors, kids, and a dog. I think this change is harder on Maria and me than it will be for Eric.

I embrace these worries because these all seem like "normal" mom worries versus the struggles we faced two years ago.

Those struggles have made us better parents who are more present and find nothing Eric does ordinary. We are blessed everyday with the extroidinary moments we share as a family and are reminded not to sweat that small stuff and roll with the newness of each day.

So, how did we celebrate this big birthday. We spent four days in Monterey with Oma and Opa Thies and Uncle Mike, Aunt Susie, Cousin Sam, and Cousin Maylen. We flew kits, played in the sand, visited Dennis the Menis park, and strolled through the Elkhorn Slough State Reserve.

We topped the day with birthday cakes shaped like cars, balloons, and a party of fun and gifts. Today is another celebration for Eric and beautiful reflection into how far our family has come.


Anonymous said...

Any pictures of Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Lorraine, Sean and Courtney in Montana?
Lots of love, GA