Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun times

Let's start with Eric's first big road trip and camping experience. 4th of July weekend we embarked on a ten hour drive to Portland for Heidi Ackerman's wedding to Shane Gentry.

The ride started with Eric making sure we acknowledged each and every truck and trailer we encountered. At first we made a game of it and tried to count them but we soon lost count. Maybe the smoke haze from all the fires blocked a few trucks out of sight.

As the sun began setting 5 hours into our drive we decided to pull off at Castle Craggs State Park near Shasta, pitch our tent,get the sleep sacks and sack out. Eric loved it and loved snuggling up in the tent with Mom and Dad. He even slept through the train, which to us sounded like it was driving through our tent. Eric slept so well that we have now kept the tent handy for popping up in Eric's bedroom.

Upon starting the car for our next day's drive we were greeted with the "check-engine light" which lead us to a few small mechanics that didn't have time to squeeze in and engine check. One mechanic was nice enough to tell us that if the light starts flashing stop immediately. Well, with one call to a beholder of an iPhone we were able make an appointment at the nearest Toyota dealership from I-5for an engine check which ended up being 50 miles away in Medford, Oregon. It was a great pit stop equipped with coffee, helpful people, and a toy area for kids.

After the Corolla's check-up we were good to go and back on our way to Portland. We spent our first night in Portland at Heidi and Shane's house who have never had to consider the curosity of a 21 month old who will be into everything within reach. There were so many cool things within his reach at their lovely home that I had to strap him into his stroller and retreat to the outside before Eric had eaten cat food for breakfast and rearranged the martini glasses in the floor-level glass cabinet.

We had a great time at Heidi's rehearsol dinner and all cleaned up for a fun day of wedding festivities in Portland. Eric was happy to spend a few hours with Keeley, Diana, & Lori so Aaron could get gussied up while Mom was tied up with bridesmaid duties.

Eric and Spencer had a fun Friday night dinner at Eric's city flat. Such party boys. Spencer is proficient at teaching Eric the alphabet and how to sing AAABBBEEEBUU as Eric pushes him to run faster.

Eric isn't reciting the alphabet yet but he is certainly into repeating as many words as he can. His most used new words are "Noooo, all-du (all done), Hot-doge (hot doge), aPPle, Tee (truck).

Speaking for trucks I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Eric has found some great deals on tractors, trucks and trailers in the issue of Tractor House he picked up at the 7-11 off of I-5.

Pics to be uploaded soon