Monday, June 09, 2008

Real estate take over

Since beginning the process of looking to buy a house my blog writing has taken a leave of absence. Mom is addicted to surfing every real estate site out there. Somebody stop me. We have cast a wide net from San Francisco to east bay El Cerrito. Round and round we go. Where we stop, nobody knows.

Packing to go on open home tour is like packing for a vacation. Toys, snacks, meals, extra clothes, Big Ugs, chew guy. Eric is the official kitchen cabinet checker. If he can't open them, we are out of there. It really is enough to drive a person to drink.

Here Eric helps Dad put away the beer.

In addition to the insanity of the housing market we have found time for many, many other spring time activities.

Mom had some girl time in the West Village (Manhattan). Photo with Niki & Jen

Hikes to the China Beach with Chris & Spencer

Play date at Golden Gate Park with cousins Sam & Maylen (we weren't able corralled this kids together for a photo) and a ride on the GG Park Carousel

Swinging with Spencer in Mill Valley

Our first dip in the pool & Lake Wildwood

A ride in Oma's new golf cart

Brunch with Great Grandma Ruth

Eric certainly has a lot to say about all of this too. His vocabulary consists of the first syllabals of many words: Du (Dad), baby, byyyee (bye), wow, bu (bus), duh duh (down), bo (boat), tu (towel), oh oh ah ah (monkey), rrrggh (lion or tiger), eezz (cheese and keys).

He has also proven to us that having Maria teach him Spanish is paying off. His first two Spanish spoken words are agua and ola. Maria has also taught him to blow kisses.

Smooches from us to you.


amy said...

Good luck with that house hunting! We must have looked at a 1000 places. Finally found the one with location, location, location (blah, blah, blah - I'm sure you've heard that). Try and find one that needs no renovating, however! Still can't figure how to find the time to do that while chasing around a punkin. Hope all is well.

Amy, Denny & Anabelle (who's blowing kisses right back at Eric)