Sunday, January 13, 2008

Love, love, love

We started the new year out right with a play date with Spencer in Novato. The boys are much more mobile than past play dates so needless to say we were burning up the lunches we ate together, keeping in mind that most of the boys' lunches hit the floor rather than their mouths.

Eric's favorite thing to point out to us are lights. He loves lights. He loves the light in the kitchen, the hallway, his bedroom, the living room, and the bathroom. While we still had the Christmas lights going, he loved those too. He shows us the lights at least 1000 times each day, uses his whole hand to chester as if to say "ta da".

While Grandma Lorraine was here Eric got to go to the indoor mall for the first time, and yes, much to many's surprise, I reluctantly took the plastic rain tarp off the stroller so he could get a good look. Imagine the lights at the mall. He pointed his way through the mall and was particularly awe struck in the Swatch store where I was getting my retro Swatch collection repaired. They had TRACK LIGHTING. WOW. And, a mirror on the ceiling. Eric was beside himself with enthusiasm.

Eric's second favorite object to point out to us are trees. We stroll down the street and he points and grunts (which means "Look Mom") at each tree we pass by.

And his third favorite thing to point out to us are the birds. He can even spot a bird in the sky while we stand at the window looking over roof tops. His eagle eyes don't miss a thing.

He has figured out how to put two and two together and he is very clear when he has a preference for doing one thing or another. Grunting means look and "aaaaaahh" means "I want to do this" as he stands next to the stero pounding on the cabinet until we turn on the music.


Kathy said...

Great photos!! Eric has STIFF competition for being the cutest little boy in our world!!
Lots of love, GA

Kathy said...

Just in case I was too subtle, Spencer is so cute.... and that smile is to die for...
Lots of love, GA