Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

This is a very special Mother's Day. Not only is it my first Mother's day as a mommy, but it is also the first Mother's day that I realize HOW much my own mother loves me. The love from a mother is so great, so huge, that it can not be explained. It can only be felt.

It is also so special because I get to celebrate with the two people who have so thankfully made me a mother, Eric and Aaron. I thank the universe for bringing these people into my life. Nothing could make me happier than waking up to Eric's jibber jabber or smiling face. To whoever is listening, thank you.

I know so many incredible mothers that have given me so much support. Thank you. I have met so many strong and gracious mothers of the tiniest babies. To all the NICU moms, I think of you and your beautiful healthy, happy babies every day. Alan, Spencer, Pacita, Ryan, James, Christopher, Emma, Morgan, Danik, your mothers are courgaeous women.

My boys were so wonderful to me today. They made me pancake brunch and gave me a beautiful photo necklace with their smiling faces on it. We went for a nice walk and I was sent to a yoga class.

To my own mom, Eric thinks his Grandma needs to stay cool, chill out, and slow down.

My Mom is moving so quickly and doing so much (mostly for others) and doesn't pay close enough attention to the path infront of her. I mean this literally. She took a hard tumble and broke her arm in three places and has to have a plate surgically put in her arm. I guess this is one way to get her to relax and take care of herself. Heal fast Grandma and find yoga poses that don't require use of your left arm.


amy (from pod numero uno) said...

HAPPY MAMA'S DAY, MS. TARA. You are an amazing mother and friend. Send lots of well-wishes to Grandma to heal that arm.
We miss you!

Anonymous said...

Eric looks just like his Daddy in his cool shades and cap. Lots of love, GA

Kathy said...

Oh yeah, and to who ever is listening.... THANK YOU. Lots of love, GA

Anonymous said...

so much to do. so little time.
if i could just figure out how to crohet with one arm or type capitol letters.
my children taught me if you like something do it with all you heart. enjoy it to the max,don't hold back. now you teach it to
eric. love,mom