Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Its All about the milk

I know I talk about milk a lot but that is because it consumes 75% of our 24 hour days. Someone is either feeding it, consuming it, or producing it about 8 to 12 times a day. Eric's first hunger signal is sometimes a pout then several minutes later he will squirm and cry out for food.

The doctors have told us that we need to fortify my breast milk for most of us feedings and that about 3-4 times per day he can get it directly from the tap. This means the pumping continues. Dad plays a key role in this milk making by feeding Eric, burping him, and changing him several times a day so I have the time to pump out more milk.

At our last pediatrician appointment Eric was up to 8 lbs. So the doctor recommended we try to get 4 breast feeds in a day. When Eric breast feeds he usually is hungry again in 2 hours so Mom and Dad have to be on their game if they are going to have time to pump more milk and mix more milk for the next feeding. When he is satisfied you will see and array of happy smiles and expressions on his face, unless he is working on a burp in which case you got a grimace prior to smiles.

As for time for Mom and Dad to eat, well, the answer to this is MILK. We drink a lot of it because it is quick, balanced nutrition you can get down without all the hassle of preparing food. I add in some eggnog to my milk just of the extra calorie boost. There is a lot to be said for liquid nutrition.


Kathy said...

How has Eric's busy week gone? Has the milk worked its magic?
Love, GA