Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good Friends

Eric has made some wonderful friends in the NICU and so have Mom & Dad. The families we have shared time with through the NICU experience are all very special, and very special friends.

Eric was born right around the same time as Ryan Karbowski and Spencer Brown. These three boys have been side by side over the the past 3 months. Their girl friend was also born that week, little Pacita Williams.

Tuesday was a big day for the Browns because Spencer was ready to go home to Novato. Here is the happy family below, Sharon, Chris, and Spencer. Very exciting.

Pacita also went home to this week. So a big week for Momma Pacita.

Eric also met Allan and James. Allan's parents, Anita and Fuat, are from Viennna and live in Washington D.C. and have been renting an apartment here for the last few months. On Friday, Dr. Kaleem is going to accompany them on a flight back home.
James lives in San Francisco and went home a few weeks ago and we hope to have play dates.

Here are some recent favorite pics


kathy said...

That is the cutest baby!!
Lots of love, GA